Truly style with a purpose.  Monsanto Banks’ signature slogan is wear your hearts.  In life you can’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve and let the world know what you stand for.  Our design is a sleek modern concept of a heart.  For selected items the company sells, 20% – 30% will be given to either scholarships,  501(c)(3) organizations, or charities.  Find out what those are below:
Monsanto Banks Gold is a prestigious and limited polo dedicated to scholarship funds.
Spellhouse is designed for the tradition of Spelhouse homecoming.
Dawg will help boys become men. This polo is dedicated to any organization helping young men.
Pan African encourages and strenghten bonds of people from African descent dedicated to MB HBCU Scholarship Fund and NSBE.
BCA is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.
This sleek purple heart is dedicated to the fight against Lupus in support of Lupus foundations.
WYH Fight Against Cancer Edition
WYH Salmon and Green Apple Edition
White and Gold polo perfect your wearing your heart on your sleeve.
NBPA is designed for the Nation Black Prosecutors Associatioon scholarship.
Wear Your Hearts
Red Alert is dedicated to fighting against heart disease, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, natural disasters. Proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.
Earth is dedicated to any Earth Day foundation.
Love is undoubtedly over Hate. This design empowers Equality.
Sister ! Sister! Black Girls Rock, her mind rocks and they are awesome. Sister Sister is dedicated to Girl Power.
WYH Jammin is designed to just have a good time!
Dedicated to helping foundations/non-profits to find a cure for Parkinson's disease.
United is a symbol of patriotism. United is dedicated to 911 victims foundations/ YMCA/ Boy scouts of america and Girl Scouts.